Tailored approach for institutional investors

In 2008 Argentum, alongside a few selected institutional investors, established the Nordic Private Equity Programme (NPEP). Under the Programme, Argentum along with these selected investors co-invest in private equity funds.

The current participants in the programme are, among others, Gjensidige Forsikring ASA, Varner Private Equity AS and Oslo Pensjonsforsikring AS. Additional investors may accede to the programme.

The purpose of the Programme is to increase the efficiency and quality of the Parties’ fund selection, due diligence and negotiated terms and conditions, as well as increase the quality of portfolio management and monitoring. The Parties strongly believe that such knowledge and experience ultimately will benefit the Nordic private equity fund investment environment as a whole.

Through the Programme investors get exposure to three types of investments in the Nordic private equity markets

  • Primary investments in Nordic private equity funds – through the Nordic Private Equity Programme
  • Secondary investments within private equity - through Argentum Secondary (established in 2009) 
  • Co-investments with Argentum’s partner fund managers – through Nordic Additional Funding Programme (established in 2012)

The Parties have decided that Argentum shall lead the Programme, and consequently Argentum will represent the Parties when negotiating with potential investee funds and their managers.

Contact Investment Director - Jørgen Hjorth Blystad
on +47 982 06 893 (Oslo) or jb(at)argentum.no

Programme for Private Investors and Family Offices




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