Specialising in Nordic private equity

Argentum has more than 10 years of experience from the Nordic private equity market. We have a proven track record, having delivered solid returns to the company’s owner and to the investors participating in our investor programmes.

Argentum is a leading fund investor in the Nordic private equity market, and works closely with private equity fund managers and other fund investors.  In addition to investment discipline, this close co-operation with relevant market players is an important factor in Argentum’s investment philosophy.

Argentum has established several Argentum partner programmes, enabling investors to invest alongside Argentum. We have tailored investment programmes for large institutional investors, while other professional investors can invest through Argentum Investment Partner (AIP).

The programmes allow investors to benefit from the market knowledge and insight of Argentum. We have the resources and experience to undertake the necessary fund screenings and due diligence processes, monitor and follow up the investments through portfolio management and activities relevant to each programme. As a larger consortium we are able to leverage on size to secure beneficial terms, and become an important partner for the fund managers.

The partners in the Argentum investment programmes participate in the investment processes in the primary market through the Nordic Private Equity Programme (NPEP), the secondary market through Argentum Secondary and in co-investments with existing Argentum portfolio funds through Nordic Additional Funding (NAF).

Our Investment Programmes

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Tailored approach for institutional investors

The forerunner to our tailored private equity solutions for institutional investors was Nordic Private Equity Programme (NPEP) established in 2008 by Argentum and a selection of institutional investors. With a strong track-record and stellar returns, w...
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Investment Programme for Professional Investors and Family Offices

Argentum co-invests with investors who are too small to subscribe to the minimum amount required for investing in private equity funds. Argentum Investment Partners (AIP) was established to provide these investors with the opportunity to invest along...
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