Entrepreneurs and private equity

Through investments in private equity funds, both buyout and venture funds, Argentum wants to contribute to the creation of more success stories from entrepreneurs. By sharing stories from entrepreneurs that have chosen to partner with private equity funds, we hope to provide some guidance on how entrepreneurs can attract investors and benefit from the active ownership model private equity represents.

The stories and interviews with entrepreneurs compiled here are of companies which has chosen, - and succeeded in securing, private equity investors as owners in their companies. All the stories are from companies which are or have been portfolio companies in the funds Argentum is invested in.

Private equity is often to referred to as “competent capital” as the funds provide expertise in business development and leadership, access to relevant and extensive business networks, as well as providing capital for growth and development. Private equity is one type of ownership an entrepreneur or a company management can consider. Private equity funds invest and take a hands-on approach (as “active owners”) for typically five to ten years before realising their investment by selling the company to a suitable buyer. Private equity owners have helped many companies execute their growth plans, but it is not a guarantee for success.

Argentum has an indirect ownership stake in 500 companies in our portfolio that have succeeded in attracting private equity-owners. Some of them are presented here, and we hope this can be a source of inspiration for newly-established companies, or mature companies looking to accelerate growth.  

Advice from Entrepreneurs



We have interviewed some "Argentum companies" to hear exactly what private equity investors have added to their businesses and how it has helped them on their way to success.


A success story, to us,occurs when a company manages to attract one or several private equity fund managers and obtain funding.

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Advice For Entrepreneurs

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Erik Hagen

We asked Erik Hagen, Managing Partner at Viking Venture, about venture capital opportunities in the Nordics.
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Claes de Neergaard

We asked Claes de Neergaard, CEO of Industrifonden, about his thoughts on future returns from Nordic venture capital.
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Bjarne Lie

We asked Bjarne Lie, Chief Investment Officer at Verdane Capital, about attractive industries for venture capital funds in the future.

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Ratos acquires Plantasjen
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